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"It's more than just a Photoshoot. It's a unique photo experience in Venice."


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My philosophy is making every photoshoot so good that any photographer would want it for portfolio. You won't find well planned staged photoshoots with professional models on my website. They are all my real customers that often come to me without any posing skills and a few insecurities that I always try to help them to overcome.

My clients would say "You're lucky you've found her! You'll surely have the best photoshoot experience in Venice!"

My editing style is bright and nobly vivid, you'll feel Italian dolce vita through the photos, but with a touch of elegance. My fashion background tunes out very helpful while consulting on the best colours and outfits that will suit well both, you, and Venice.

If you're looking a photographer that'll only communicate to you price list of the photoshoot in Venice, meeting point and the hour, don't even read the rest. A good photographer is also a psychologist. I work on a deeper level. I do want to help you to get the photos that you imagine in your head, not me, or any other photographer, but you.

I do really care to take candid relaxed shots in Venice, and what helps me a lot - is my own method of preparation before the photoshoot. It permits me to install friendly relations with a client, and understand his/her real desires, that often he/she can't express if I pose a direct question "What do you want?". I know how to understand the real needs of the client, and it makes my services special.

It's more than just a photoshoot, it's a unique photo experience in Venice.

Feel free to message me for any inquiry. I'm already excited to start planning a new masterpiece!



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